Studievereniging Teiresias


Nieuwsbrief/Newsletter 11-2020

(English below)

Dear Teiresians,

We hope you’re all healthy and have made it through the first block unharmed! With the passing of the months, hopefully you are already a little adapted to the new situation. Of course, we hope that we can all go back to the colleges as soon as possible, but to help you we have already shared some tips and tricks on our social media accounts. We hope to see you at our upcoming events and we wish you all the best with the second block!

Mental HealthAwareness. During the month of November we will share tips and advice to help you deal with the changed situation. Many students experience mental health problems due to the situation in which they suddenly sit at home without social contacts and physical college. A number of students will share their own story with tips and tricks to deal with this kind of thing. We will also create a mini-series of posts that answer questions about mental health. If you have feedback on these posts we’d love to hear about it! This can be done in the comments, or via a private message on social media or to our email. Our ultimate goal is to give you a heart, comfort you or simply let you know that we all have these kinds of feelings and you are not alone. We will use the following hashtags in the posts: #UUGotThis #MentalHealthAwareness #SelfCareMatters #ItsOkToNotBeOk

Online Drink. Thursday 12 November (tomorrow via  this link),at20:00 on teams. Grab a drink and join the rest of the RMA students for good conversations, your favorite book, hobbies and get to know each other better! We have a number of breakout rooms where you can also talk in smaller company. 

Online Movie Night. Thursday 26 November via Teams(link). We will be watching Kingdom of Heaven at this movie night! What’s not to like? The film is set in the 12th century, there are crusaders, knight, holy land, leprosy, romance, Saracens, a bad future king and of course Orlando Bloom! Grab a chair, lie down in bed or on the couch and have a drink and watch with you. (Templar equipment is allowed, if you have just put it in the oil it does not have to) .

Teiresias Website. The Teiresias website now has weekly updates on the tab ‘news’. Make sure you don’t miss out on announcements about online workshops, lectures, conferences and events! Everything easily in a row. If you know an online academic/university event that is not there, please let us know. The website is accessible in Dutch and English! 

Athenaeum Bookstore & Block 2. Remember that we have a discount code! Athenaeum has given us a code for members of Teiresias so that we can buy our books for the academic year at a discount. Click  here to go to the online bookstore. At checkout, use the code SVTEI2021. 


Dear Teiresians,

We hope you are all still in good health and have made it through the first block without too many problems! As the year progresses, we hope you have adjusted to the new situation, even though we hope it will go back to normal before too long. As you will have seen on our social media accounts by now, we have started sharing some tips and tricks to help all of us with studying at home. We hope to see you in the events this coming month and wish you good luck with the next block of courses!

Mental Health Awareness. Over the month of November, Teiresias will be sharing tidbits and tips to help our students combat mental health struggles from studying from home, from coronavirus, from anything and everything that has affected you this year. A few students will share their own tips and tricks and struggles over the coming weeks. We’ll also have ‘series’ posts that will answer one question in Parts I, II, III, etc. We welcome any and all feedback. Feel free to post in the comments or reach out via our email. At the end of the day, we hope our posts encourage you, are a source of comfort, and that they let you know, you’re not alone in how you are feeling. We will use the hashtags: #UUGotThis #MentalHealthAwareness #SelfCareMatters #ItsOkToNotBeOk

Online Borrel. Thursday, November 12 @ 20:00 via MS Teams (link to join). Grab a drink and join your fellow RMA Students for nice conversations about your research interests, favorite books, hobbies and so on, and get to know your fellow-researchers better. We’ll have various breakout rooms aka ‘bars’ you can attend and talk in smaller groups. 

Online Movie Night. Thursday, November 26 @ 20:00 via MS Teams (link to join). Join us online for a viewing of Kingdom of Heaven. What’s not to love about this movie? Set in the 12th century, it’s got crusaders, knights, the Holy Land, leprosy, romance, Saracens, an evil future king, oh and Orlando Bloom. We’ll connect over MS Teams. Pull up a chair, couch, or bed, and hop online with a drink in hand, and join us for a movie night. (You’re welcome to wear your Templar Knight costume, but it’s not required.)

Teiresias Website. Our Teiresias website now has regular weekly updates in the ‘News’ tab. Be sure to follow along for announcements regarding online workshops, conferences, lectures, and events. An easy ‘one-stop-shop’. If you know of any online academic events happening that are not listed on our site, feel free to email us and we’ll get them posted. Our website is in both Dutch and English!

Athenaeum Bookstore & Block 2. Don’t forget we have a discount code! Athenaeum Bookstore has kindly provided a code for members of Teiresias to use in order to purchase their schoolbooks for the academic year. Please visit their bookstore here. At checkout on their site, please use code: SVTEI2021.

Valete, in name of the board,

Thomas van Tussenbroek

h.t. secretary

Teiresias Ancient Study Association
Drift 6 (mailbox)
3512 BS Utrecht