Studievereniging Teiresias


Nieuwsbrief/Newsletter 12-2020

Dear Teiresians,

As 2020 enters its final days, we hope you are healthy and staying healthy. There has been a lot of talk recently about (mental) health, but we still want to say once again that no one is alone and there are always others ready for you. Also in the last days of the year we are still busy organizing fun events and other activities for you!

Holiday Quiz

17 December @ 8pm. For the first place there is a book voucher of 10 euros, for the second and third place there will also be prizes! Put on your most beautiful or craziest Christmas outfit, decorate your (digital) background and First place winner gets a 10 gift card to a bookstore. Second and third place winners will also take home a prize! We hope to see you all on Teams to usher in the Christmas holidays in a fun way! Join with this link.

Rooms to study

As a result of the evaluation interview of our master’s programme, it became clear that several people needed a place (outside their own home) to study. In cooperation with the faculty, we can use a room (probably in the building on the Israel store) to study for a number of afternoons in the coming days. We would like to know which of you are interested in this, so that we have a concrete picture of whether there is sufficient enthusiasm. If the data/exact space is known by the number of notifications, we will communicate this to the data subjects. There will be someone from the board present at this afternoon anyway. Of course, we are limited by possible additional measures that are still being taken by the government in the field of covid-19 in the coming days.

Mental Health Training

The discussion also offered the opportunity by the study advisor of our faculty to give a number of people tips and tools to help others and yourself in the mental field. Let us know if you are interested in this, the organization of these meetings will be picked up by Sam!

Teiresias Moon masks

To make the beginning of 2021 and the holidays a little extra fun, we will soon provide Teiresias mouth masks. Let the board know if you would like one (this can be done by responding to this email or approaching one of the board members). The mouthcaps are free for our members!


Dear Teiresians,

As 2020 draws to a close, we hope you are all still in good health and will remain that way! A lot has been said concerning your (mental) health these past weeks, but we would like to stress again that you are not on your own. There are always people you can reach out to for help or just to talk to! In these final days of 2020 we are still working to provide some distraction in the form of activities!

Holiday Quiz

December 17 @ 20:00. First place winner gets a 10 gift card to a bookstore. Second and third place winners will also take home a prize! Dress in your best (or worst) holiday attire, decorate your online background, and make yourself a cup of cocoa (or something stronger), and come hang with your fellow history lovers. See you next Thursday on MS Teams, join via this link.

Study Places

As was previously discussed in our evaluation meeting for the master’s programme, there is a need for places to study other than our own rooms. Working with the faculty we are glad to say we can offer a room (most likely at the Israëlslaan building) which can be used as a place to study for our members for a number of afternoons in the coming weeks. We would like to hear from everyone who is interested, as that gives us (and the faculty) a better idea of the number of people involved. When the exact date/time/room is known to us, we will communicate this to everyone who wants to join. A board member will always be present on these days. Of course, we are limited by any further measures taken by government in response to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Mental Health Training

In the same evaluation meeting it became clear that there is an interest in the possibility of getting some tips and tools to help yourself and others in the mental aspects of our current situation. Please let us know if you are interested in one of these meetings, as the organisation will be taken up by Sam! 


To make the holiday season and the start of 2021 extra festive, we will be giving out Teiresias-masks. Let (one of) the board member know if you would like to receive one! (Do so by responding to this email or let one of us know personally). The masks are free for all our members!

Valete, in name of the board,

Thomas van Tussenbroek

h.t. secretary

Teiresias Ancient Study Association
Drift 6 (mailbox)
3512 BS Utrecht