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Travel Committee

The Travel Committee organizes either one big travel event per year or two small travel events per year for members and professors to attend. These trips are geared towards renaissance, medieval, insular, and ancient students. Each trip is educational focused; we visit historical sites or history museums as a means of sharing in our passion as historians.

February 2021 Update:

The travel committee is facing a great challenge this year: figuring out how to plan a trip during the Corona pandemic. While this seems to be a nearly impossible task, we have managed to come up with a foolproof-plan. In the best-case scenario, we will travel to several Dutch historical wonders from May 28th to 31st. On this domestic trip, we will visit several museums in Utrecht, Nijmegen, and Leiden and we hope we will be able to enjoy some drinks at the local terrace and nice weather. In the case of stricter measures, worry not! for we have the solution to all possibilities. In this case, we will offer activities in at least one city and the least we will try to provide is an informative city-walk through Utrecht. Everything will be, as usual, accompanied by one of our teachers who will share their knowledge with us.

We will wait as long as possible with any bookings, so there is no need yet to apply, but know that the travel committee is working hard to provide a light in the darkness!

Meet the current 2020-2021 Travel Committee:

Corine – Chairperson
Iris – Secretary
Anouk – Treasurer

Archived Trips:

February 7-10, 2020: Teiresias Trip: Roman Nimes

Teiresias is going on its annual study trip to Nîmes! Dr. Saskia Stevens and Dr. Janric van Rookhuijzen will be our guides on this trip!
We’ll visit the grand Pont du Gard and go see major Roman sights such as the Arena and the Maison Carée!
There will also be plenty of enough time to get to know the city yourself!

December 14-15, 2019: Museum Trip London

Teiresias is happy to announce its yearly museum trip, which is happening in the weekend of December 14th! This year, we will be visiting the exhibition Troy: Myth and Reality in the British Museum. As always with our museum trips, the planning of this trip is completely up to you: Teiresias will be visiting the museum on Saturday, but transport, lodging and other entertainment are not planned by the travel committee. Do you want to enjoy London one last time before Brexit unleashes the apocalypse? Are you excited to see totally legally acquired ancient artefacts, visit English pubs, and brave the pouring rain to have a romantic walk along the Thames? E-mail Teiresias at Teiresias@uu.nl and the travel committee at reiscommissie.teiresias@gmail.com to let us know you’ll be there, and we’ll see you in London! For questions, please e-mail the travel committee at the e-mail address mentioned above.