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From Thesis to Publication: A Lecture Series

Have you ever wondered how you could turn your master’s thesis into a publishable paper? Join our Lecture Series! In three days, experts from the world of academics and publishing will be presenting their advice on how to write your first publication. The aim is to cater specifically to our niche subjects of the Middle Ages and Antiquity. We hope to see you there!

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July 27 – The System: World of Publishing

All Times Are CET

13-13:10 – Introduction

13:10-13:50 – How the System Works – Dr. Erin Dailey

Break 10

14-14:40 – Types of Publications – Dr. Ellie Woodacre

Break 5 minutes

14:45-15:10 – Prepped Q&A


July 28 – The Transition: Thesis to Article

13-13:10 – Introduction

13:10-13:50 – What to Take From Your Thesis – Dr. Cecile Badenhorst

break 10

14-14:40 – Writing Specifics – Dr. Rutger Kramer

break 5 minutes

14:45-15:10 – Prepped Q&A


July 29 – Peer Review: Pre/Post Submission

13-13:10 – Introduction

13:10-13:50 – How to Give Feedback – Dr. Mateusz Fafinskin

Break 10

14-14:40 – How to Use Feedback – Dr. Cecile Badenhorst

Break 5 minutes

14:45-15:10 – Prepped Q&A



Dr. Erin Dailey

Dr. Dailey is the Commissioning Editor in Medieval History for Amsterdam University Press and works with the University of Leicester, UK.


Dr. Ellie Woodacre

Dr. Woodacre is the Founder of the Royal Studies Network and Royal Studies Journal. She is also a Senior Lecturer with the University of Winchester, UK.


Dr. Cecile Badenhorst

Dr. Badenhorst is a scholar of academic and graduate writing and an Associate Professor with Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labradour, Canada.


Dr. Rutger Kramer

Dr. Kramer is an associate professor at Utrecht University and Radboud University of Nijmegen, both in the Netherlands.


Dr. Mateusz Fafinski

Dr. Fafinski is a postdoc with the University of Lausanne, Switzerland and an Assistant Lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.