Studievereniging Teiresias


Newsletter April 2022

Dear members of Teiresias,

It is officially Spring! And although we were treated to some unexpected snow last week, we are confident better and sunnier days are on their way! Do not forget to take a break from your thesis or coursework to enjoy one of many varieties of chocolate Easter eggs or a slice of ‘paasstol’ with some (vegan) butter and powdered sugar! For now, we would like to update you on the upcoming Teiresias activities.

Student/Teacher Drinks at Café de Stadsgenoot (7 April)

Firstly, we would like to thank all teachers and students who joined the drinks and pubquiz at Café de Stadsgenoot last Thursday! We will never again forget the name of Emperor Alexander the Great’s horse! A special thanks to Anne Sieberichs and Anouk the Bruin for organising the drinks, and to Teiresias’ Event Committee for making the pubquiz.

Reminder Payment Annual Teiresias Membership Fee

Secondly, we would like to kindly remind you to pay the Teiresias’ Membership Fee for the 2021-2022 academic year. Fees can be paid by transferring €12,50 to NL94 INGB 0008 3645 78 in the name of Studievereniging Oudheid Teiresias, listing your name in the Omschrijving/Description-field.

Interklassiek Symposium on 6 May 12:30-17:00 at Drift 21 0.32 + Drinks 

Thirdly, we are proud to be able to anounce that this year’s Interklassiek Symposium will take place on 6 May from 12:30 until 17:00 at Drift 21, room 0.32. Teiresias together with Sophia Aeterna (Leiden), Collegium Classicum (Leiden), Sodalicium Classicum Noviomagense (Nijmegen), Laverna (Amsterdam) and Boreas (Groningen) has invited several interesting classical scholars from different Dutch universities to give a lecture on the theme of family. The symposium will be followed by drinks at Café de Stadsgenoot at 17:00. Speakers as well as information about registration will be announced shortly, so keep an eye on Teiresias’ socials!

Thesis Writing Sessions April, May and June 

Fourthly, those of you working on your thesis know that the process can feel like climbing a mountain. So why do it alone? Teiresias’ Education Committee is organising a series of get-togethers for all of you. Whether you want to write in silence, discuss an article or issue, read, or listen, come join! Thesis Writing Sessions will take place between 13:15 and 18:00 on 13 April (Drift 23, room 0.10), 4 May, 25 May and 8 June (Science Park, Bucheliuszaal).

Catania, Sicily Trip 20-24 April 

Moreover, we hope that all those who have registered to join the Teiresias’ Annual Trip to Catania, Sicily are looking forward to the 20th of April! Our Travel Committee has assured us that it will be a very fun trip, focused of course on discovering the history of the beautiful island, but nonetheless with a lot of opportunity to enjoy some good Italian food and wine as well! Non vediamo l’ora!

Drinks at Café de Stadsgenoot on Thursday, May 12 from 20:00

Furthermore, we would like to invite you to our monthly drinks at Café de Stadsgenoot on Thursday, May 12 from 20:00. Note; Due to the the Dutch government lifting several Covid-19 restrictions you are no longer required to show a QR-code to enter Café de Stadsgenoot. We do however encourage you to monitor your health and to take a Covid-selftest if that makes you more comfortable.

Teiresias’ Board 2022-2023

Lastly, we would like to remind you of the fact that we are currently looking for enthusiastic students be part of the Teiresias’ Board for the upcoming academic year 2022-2023! Are you interested? Please send us an email or come talk to our current Board Members Anne, Tim and Imke on 12 May! For more information on the various different positions within the board check Teiresias’ Instragam.

And with that we would like to conclude our April Newsletter! We are looking forward to hopefully seeing many of you soon at one of the Teiresias events!

Valete on behalf of the board,

Imke Vet